Sequence of API calls for the invoice financing solution

1. Create the customer (debtor) if it does not yet exist.

2. Check if the invoice is fundable :

a. Create the draft invoice (action required to verify eligibility)

b. Verify eligibility for invoice funding

Inform the user that the invoice is eligible for funding.

3. Choice of financing and sending the invoice:

a. Once the customer has chosen the invoice financing, trigger the sending of the invoice. 

Note: Financed invoices are modified by Koala to incorporate the assignment notification and Koala's account number. They are then sent by Koala. The sending of the financed invoice must therefore be blocked in the accounting software.

b. Koala pays the invoice amount to the user as soon as the invoice is confirmed by the debtor.

Note: Ideally all user invoices are created in the Koala API. This improves the payment reconciliation of funded invoices.