Provide an invoice financing solution to your users

  • Easy to integrate into your accounting software and BtoB platforms
  • More value for your customers and a new source of revenue for your business  
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Benefits for your users...

  • Simple and efficient financing solution
  • Instant decision to accept an invoice 
  • No minimum amount
  • Only a valid identity document is required to activate the funding

... and for the software / platform publisher

  • Bring useful solution to your users
  • Differentiating element from the competition
  • New source of income
  • Concrete step towards the strategic integration of accounting and finance

The best financing solution

  • Online onboarding of the client in 5 minutes
  • We accept > 90% of SMEs (incl. freelancers)
  • Instant invoice acceptance decisions
  • Our own and independent credit decision algorithms
  • Available in Benelux, France, and Spain

Designed for developers

  • Quickly develop production-ready integrations. The KOALA API is powerful and opens important perspectives.  
  •  It is simple to use. The invoice financing solution requires only 4 simple calls to the API.