A 30 or 60 days payment solution for online sales to professionals  

No credit card required.

The merchant collects payment within 48 hours.

  • A fully integrated term payment solution helping online merchants and marketplaces increase their revenues.  

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A real plus for your customers...

Payment terms (30d, 60d) to preserve their cash flow

No credit card required 

Check-out in 1 click 

... and for the merchant

  • Increase your sales towards professionals (private and public).
  • You get paid 48 hours after delivery.
  • Fully integrated solution, you don't have to worry about final collection.
  • Automated Invoice Issuance and Sending.
  • In the event of your client's insolvency you are covered up to 70%.
  • Easy to integrate. 

Your international expansion

Valid for your business customers in the following countries:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • And more 

How does it work?


Koala checks if the buyer is creditworthy (70% acceptance)


The buyer chooses the deferred payment at check-out


The merchant makes the delivery


The bill is generated and the merchant is paid by Koala


On the due date of the invoice (30 days / 60 days), the buyer pays the invoice to Koala's account

Designed for developers

  • Quickly develop production-ready integrations. The KOALA API is powerful and opens important perspectives.  
  •  It is simple to use. The term payment solution requires only 4 simple calls to the API.